During a December storygathering workshop, facilitated by Fixt Point Art & Media and Dames Making Games, I decided to gather stories and oral history accounts from residents in North Etobicoke through audio in-person and phone interviews. I captured the audio through equipment (e.g. microphone, Zoom recorder) and edited the audio with the Hindenburg Journalist software.


“I interviewed people within and close to my neighbourhood, people I would usually just say a simple ‘hi and bye’ to, but now I feel more connected to them”

Final Title: Voices From Rexdale, North Etobicoke (Toronto, Canada)

Description: Rexdale, North Etobicoke, is a place that I love and call home. My family is proudly and comfortably situated here. This audio piece highlights the collective, shared and yet varying, immigration and community stories of residents in the Rexdale, North Etobicoke Area. These stories focus on immigration reasons and experiences, community love, people and places, events, personal and professional milestones, future predictions and goals, and improvement suggestions! Happy listening!

Audio/Support Credits:
Fixt Point Arts & Media, Dames Making Games, and Ontario Trillium Foundation

Painting/Photo Credits:
Citizenship and Immigration Canada Office (Mississauga)

Music Credits:
“Ambient Acoustic” by StrangerEight 
“BossaGuitar” by se.monsun


2019, March 13th: I will be interviewing Madeline Nixon and creating a podcast from our discussion. She is the author of a memoir called Feathers — a collection of stories about paranormal events in her life. Also, she is a graduate of the University of Toronto with a double major in English and Professional Writing.

Memoir, Feathers, by Madeline Nixon
Source: Amazon.ca