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My full name is Chinonyelum Melvina Nwanna. I am an upcoming graduate from the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Digital Enterprise Management, Professional Writing and Communication. My courses tackle content creation, Project and Product Management, Marketing, Advertising, Economics, Data Analysis,  Editing and Writing, Web Design, and UX/UI Design. A combination of my love for the Arts and Business is the primary reason for my corporate endeavours. My university degree teaches Management and the Arts with hands-on applied digital and print media courses.

Who Am I?

I am a creative powerhouse; I am someone who freely explores personal passions, but will also reflect on their calculated (quantitative and qualitative) results. In all areas (e.g. work, school, and extracurricular activities), I am assertive when it is necessary for the maintenance of respectful and productive collaboration between peers.

In my workplace, I will work on departmental and cross-functional projects within the corporation. I am passionate about the successful and accessible implementation of products and services. Outside the workplace, I value and study user experienced and user-generated content, front-end interfaces for enterprise Content Management System platforms, frameworks for developing responsive front-end web and mobile user interfaces, web analytics for metrics-based User Experience and User Interface (UX/UI) design, data-driven web services and platforms, and understanding applications of Application Program interfaces (APIs).

I am not idle; I constantly develop myself.

Outside my workplace, I will continue to work on passion projects like the book publication of my own novels and short stories

As a Digital Marketing and Communication intern, Web Design, management, and professional writing and communication academic, I have gained experience in:

• Business Tactics – Product, Project, & Risk Management

• Copywriting – Business & Storytelling Applications

• Data Management – Data Analysis & Market Research

• Digital Marketing – Email, Social Media, & SEO/SEM marketing

• Main Types of Editing – Content, Stylistic, Copyediting, & Proofreading

• User Experience Development – Content Management Systems (CMS), Website/SaaS Personas, Wireframes, & Prototypes

• User Interface Design – HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Website and Mobile Friendly Design (Ongoing)