At the University of Toronto, for my product, project, and risk management based courses, individually and within constructed teams, I tackled business planning and execution scenarios.

During my first year to fourth-year courses, part-time work, and nearing full-time career, I have retained the knowledge of ideal project and product management processes. These are identifying project context (why), scope (what), success factors and strategies (how), roles and responsibilities (who and what), timeline (when), and management (who, what, and where – e.g. leadership, meetings, collaboration tools, reports). Content and Product Management are interesting job positions. For example, content and product management in the technology industry does not just deal with content and product creation, finance, marketing, resource, and customer relationship management. Both content and product managers will also be working closely with product engineers and designers to help them improve User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI). I am interested in such comprehensive and complex management roles.

Business Cases

Entrepreneurship & Intrapreneurship Ideas
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26-11-2018 Hobbicious' Business Plan Excerpt (1 download)
10-11-2018 Oneself's BMC, Executive Summary, & Supporting Materials Excerpt (1 download)
16-10-2018 Accord's Project Charter (Wattpad Pitch) Excerpt (1 download)
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