May 20th, 2019: Dreamers Creative Writing Submission

Title: Emerging Igbo Mythology, Godlings, and Dissociative Identities

Format: Book Review

Magazine/Journals: Dreamers Creative Writing

Description: A book review of Freshwater by Akwaeke Emezi for your consideration. It is an autofiction novel about Igbo mythology, gods, and dissociative identities.

Emerging Igbo Mythology, Godlings, and Dissociative Identities: 
The Autobiography and Fiction within Akwaeke Emezi’s Debut Novel

freshwater book review

February 28, 2019: CBC Nonfiction Prize Submission

Title: First Four Season

Format: Short Story

Magazine/Journals: CBC Books

Description: First Four Season is about my “first four seasons” — an introduction to North American schooling, new family dynamics, new traditions, and immigrant hopes and dreams.


short story excerpt

February 19, 2019: UTM Campus, English & Drama Student Society (EDSS) Submission

Title: Her Varying Taste

Form: Narrative Poem

Magazine/Journal: With Caffeine and Careful Thought, Vol. 5

Description: A cheiloproclitic peom about a man’s erotic obsession with a woman’s lips. Sure, he notices other things about her, like her skin and figure, but it always goes back to that (lips); that is the narrative of his obsessive and somewhat unstable mind.


short story excerpt

March 20, 2018: UTM Campus, Scribes Submission

Title: Down the Boulevard

Category: Short Story (Second-Person Point of View)

Magazine/Journal: Scribes Slate Magazine, Vol. 3

Description: A second-person point of view of a dramatic walk back to my house and picturesque representation of my circular neighbourhood
Thistle Down Boulevard.

Excerpt PDF:

Recent Projects:

2019, April 1 – May 31: Submitting poetry for CBC Books for the CBC Poetry Prize

2019, April 1 – 7: Submitted my book review of Freshwater by Akwaeke Emezi to literary journal or magazine (Accepted)

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2020, Spring: Uploading ongoing digital book to Wattpad

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