Web Design, User Experience, User Interface Design, Copywriting

API Integration Project

Project 1 – Google Map API Implementation (JavaScript, HTML, CSS)

Vastly-Developing Toronto Startups and Entrepreneurs

Vastly-Developing Toronto Startups and Entrepreneurs

Resource: AngelList Toronto Startups

Content Management System Project


Using Adobe Illustrator and InDesign, I created a user and “our team” page to help identify the Liaiselion’s users and team. As an application, identifying the product and services' Liaiselion would offer was important: community feed, interactive dashboard, project management page, job listing.

Web Pages (HTML & CSS):

Archive Website Project

M3 (Mahnoor, Mashal, and Melvina) - SECC (Space Exploration and the Canadian Contribution) is a Canadian-based space exploration archive, which adds a Canadian perspective to the majorly US, Soviet Union, and European narrative on international space exploration (space race). 

The exhibit identifies Canada’s presence within significant space milestones between 1962 and 2017.

Logo Design:
Medium: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

omeka site logo
Omeka Site Logo

Omeka Web Pages:


Web Designer Project (Contract Job)

Before my Web Design project (endeavours), the company, FiXT POiNT Arts & Media, had 5 static web pages, presented in the navigation bar, with noticeably outdated content, without parent and child page distinctions, and no novel content that truly showcased their years of experience in non-profit community engagement across the provinces and territories of Canada. With the supervision of their Founder and Marketing Manager, my role was to update their website to showcase their ample art and community reach in audio podcasting, animations, and theatre performance.

New Web Pages of FiXT POiNT:

Home/Main Page: Carousel Feature:
Web Design Homepage

"About" - Company History & Our Team Pages:

Projects' Parent Page:
project parent page

Get Involved - Training & Work With Us Page:

Donate Page:
donate page

Contact Page:
contact page